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Odom Industries

Product and Services

    Our first facility is located in Waynesboro, Ms and has 105,000 sq. ft. of production and warehouse space. We have eight production units at our Waynesboro facility. Two of these units are dry production facilities. One is dedicated to herbicides and the other to fungicides. Each of these dry units is capable of producing water dispersible granules, wettable powders and repackaging bulk materials. Our third unit is a Munson Blender unit, which can produce impregnated granules and can also blend powdered materials at approximately the same rate. These three units will also grind powders to fine micron particle sizes, with packaging equipment to fill sizes ranging from small containers to bulk bags. Our fourth and fifth units are dedicated to liquid flowable products with one of these units to Agricultural Products and the other to Industrial Products. Our sixth unit is also a wet milling liquid flowable system, which is used for our fungicide flowables. Our seventh unit is a powder plant used for particle size reduction of powders by mechanical or airmilling particle size reduction equipment. Unit number eight, the most recent unit is a stainless steel liquid process currently producing liquid herbicides. We also have the capability to produce EC products.

    Our second facility is located in Pachuta, MS and has 100,000 square feet of production and warehouse space. We have six production units at our Pachuta facility. One unit is an extrusion/granulation plant. The second unit is a Munson blender unit for impregnated granules and blended powders. The third unit is an EC herbicide unit. The fourth unit is for liquid flowable product. The fifth unit is a repackaging unit for dry or liquid products. The sixth unit is 30,000 sq. ft. and it is used for a variety of different processes.

    Odom Industries also operates a Quality Control Lab on both locations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This lab is staffed with degreed chemists and trained technicians. We also have pilot plant equipment for testing and modifying formulations for improved product performance for our customers, if needed.

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